Writing Tips for an Essay in MLA Format – Guide

October 23, 2021

We all know that MLA style is easier, simpler, and convenient. Writingan essay becomes a cakewalk when we get to know that we are to write the essayin MLA style. It is no doubt that the MLA Citation Style does not have too manybothersome formalities.

For writing an essay in MLA Citation Style you caneither write an essay first and format it later or you can format it alongsidewriting it. It is easier and convenient in both these ways. The essay writer may be offering to makea cover page in MLA but MLA Citation Styleusually does not require a coverpage. Although your instructor may ask you to add a cover page. 

Before you begin writing the introduction of your essay in MLA CitationStyle, take a moment and set the layout for your essay. First of all, in thetop right corner of the header section add the page number and your last namein Times New Roman size 12. After that move to the left corner of your firstpage add your name, instructor’s name, Course details, and date. You have tomake all these entries in separate lines. You do not need a different titlepage and this adds to the student’s liking for MLA Citation Style. 

Give the title of your essay in the center inregular font with important words capitalized. Start the introduction of your essay with half an inch indented line. Begin by providing an overview and a background of your topic and slowly get to the thesis statement toward the end of your paragraph. Any essay writer service would suggest me the sametechnique to follow and to write my essay. Now introduce your thesis statement and follow theorganization in your essay as it is guided by your thesis statement.

Your essay would have the same standard font 12 of Times New Roman. Itwould be written with double spacing. All paragraphs would be indented andthere would be no space in between the paragraphs. If you are not adding directlong quotations of more than 3, 4 lines then they would not be indented.Otherwise, they would be formatted into block quotes. The blockquote isinserted in a new line, the preceding line ends with a colon, and the next lineafter the quote is not indented but it starts from a separate line. In-textcitations are added at the end of the quote like the rest of the citations inyour paper but a citation after the block quote is added after the period.Always introduce and end the block quote in your own words and never introducea new paragraph directly after the quote. Your block quote is basicallyincorporated within a paragraph. 

Your body paragraphs would follow the sequence ofarguments as identified in the thesis statement. Each paragraph would discussone idea and in-text citations would include the last name of the author inparenthesis. Direct Quotes would include the page number as well. Your bodyparagraphs would begin with topic sentences and end with conclusion sentences.There is nothing different about the paragraphing in custom essay vis a vis other formatting styles. Make sure to addevidence and factual details to support your topic sentences in your bodyparagraphs.

Conclude your essay by stating your thesis statement in different words.A conclusion in MLA Citation Style is like a conclusion in any other essay formattingstyle. It sums up your essay, provides evidence from the essay to support yourmain argument, and ends with a compelling statement. You add no headings orsubheadings in an essay but if you have written your essay in MLA CitationStyle then you have to add a Works Cited page at the end.


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